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What We’re Working On

World Christian Encyclopedia (3rd ed.)


An extensive survey of Christianity and world religions in every country, covering the history of Christianity, mission, religious freedom, and contemporary developments.

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Atlas of Global Christianity


A thorough visual reference of the changing status of global Christianity over the 100 years, depicting the twentieth-century shift of Christianity to the Global South. It is also the first to map Christian affiliation at the provincial level.

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World Christian Database & World Religion Database

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Online databases containing comprehensive demographic statistics on global Christianity and religious affiliation for every country in the world.

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The most systematic and comprehensive survey ever undertaken of all the versions of Christianity in the world.

[The World Christian Encyclopedia is a] benchmark for our understanding of the true religious nature of the planet.

Ask them how many Lutherans there are in Mongolia, and how many Buddhists in Finland, and they will within a few minutes come back with reasonably accurate numbers.

The second edition of the WCE (World Christian Encyclopedia) leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the current state of Christianity in the world… it is the best statistical work on the current state of Christianity to come along in the 20 years since the WCE was first published.


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